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Free Hadoop Tutorials

Do you want to learn Hadoop? Here is a list of some free Hadoop tutorials including downloads.

Staff Reporter Mar 01, 2016

So you want to learn Hadoop and you want to learn free? Here is a list of four free Hadoop tutorials.

1. Hadoop Tutorial from Yahoo

This tutorial provided by Yahoo Developer Network, includes the following materials designed to teach you how to use the Hadoop distributed data processing environment: 

  • Hadoop 0.18.0 distribution (includes full source code)
  • A virtual machine image running Ubuntu Linux and preconfigured with Hadoop
  • VMware Player software to run the virtual machine image 

A tutorial which will guide you through many aspects of Hadoop's installation and operation.

The tutorial is divided into seven modules, designed to be worked through in order. They can be accessed from the links below. 

  1. Tutorial Introduction
  2. The Hadoop Distributed File System
  3. Getting Started With Hadoop
  4. MapReduce
  5. Advanced MapReduce Features
  6. Related Topics
  7. Managing a Hadoop Cluster
  8. Pig Tutorial 

Download this tutorial as a single .zip file here


2. Master Big Data, A Free Hadoop Tutorial

Master Big Data is a free Hadoop tutorial from Guru99. This tutorial is an absolute beginner guide to Hadoop. It requires knowledge of programming Java and Linux. 

  • What Is Big Data
  • Learn Hadoop In 10 Minutes
  • How To Install Hadoop
  • Learn HDFS: A Beginners Guide
  • Introduction to MAPReduce
  • Create Your First Hadoop Program
  • Understanding MapReducer Code
  • Introduction to Counters & Joins In MapReduce
  • MapReduce Hadoop Program To Join Data
  • Introduction To Flume and Sqoop
  • Create Your First FLUME Program
  • Introduction To Pig And Hive
  • Create your First PIG Program
  • Learn OOZIE in 5 Minutes
  • Big Data Testing: Functional & Performance


3. Hadoop tutorial on coreservlets

Following is an extensive series of tutorials on developing Big-Data Applications with Hadoop. Since each section includes exercises and exercise solutions, this can also be viewed as a self-paced Hadoop training course. All the slides, source code, exercises, and exercise solutions are free for unrestricted use. Click on a section below to expand its content. The relatively few parts on IDE development and deployment use Eclipse, but of course none of the actual code is Eclipse-specific. These tutorials assume that you already know Java; they definitely move too fast for those without at least moderate prior Java experience. If you don't already know the Java language, please see the Java programming tutorial series.

Developing Big-Data Applications with Apache Hadoop


4. Hadoop tutorial on tutorialspoint

This brief tutorial provides a quick introduction to Big Data, MapReduce algorithm, and Hadoop Distributed File System.

This tutorial has been prepared for professionals aspiring to learn the basics of Big Data Analytics using Hadoop Framework and become a Hadoop Developer. Software Professionals, Analytics Professionals, and ETL developers are the key beneficiaries of this course.

Before you start proceeding with this tutorial, we assume that you have prior exposure to Core Java, database concepts, and any of the Linux operating system flavors.

Hadoop tutorial on tutorialspoint

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