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Master Big Data, A Free Hadoop Tutorial

Master Big Data is a tutorial written for beginners who wants to learn Hadoop.

Staff Reporter Feb 29, 2016

Big data and Hadoop are two trending "technologies" today. Almost every major IT companies is working on big data and in this market, understanding and learning big data and Hadoop can be a big boost to your career.

Master Big Data is a free Hadoop tutorial from Guru99. This tutorial is an absolute beginner guide to Hadoop. It requires knowledge of programming Java and Linux.

  1. What Is Big Data
  2. Learn Hadoop In 10 Minutes
  3. How To Install Hadoop
  4. Learn HDFS: A Beginners Guide
  5. Introduction to MAPReduce
  6. Create Your First Hadoop Program
  7. Understanding MapReducer Code
  8. Introduction to Counters & Joins In MapReduce
  9. MapReduce Hadoop Program To Join Data
  10. Introduction To Flume and Sqoop
  11. Create Your First FLUME Program
  12. Introduction To Pig And Hive
  13. Create your First PIG Program
  14. Learn OOZIE in 5 Minutes
  15. Big Data Testing: Functional & Performance

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