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SQL Server is Relational database management system which is developed by the Microsoft. It is a full featured databse primarily designed to compete against competitors Oracle Database and MySQL and SQL Server supports ANSI SQL same as all major RBDMS, SQL Server which are the standard SQL language. SQL Server also contains T-SQL with own SQL implemention. SQL Server Management Studio previously known as Enterprise Manager which is SQL Server"s main interface tool, and it supports 32-bit and 64-bit environments. Enterprise: Designed for large enterprises with complex data requirements, data warehousing and Web-enabled databases. Has all the features of SQL Server, and its license pricing is the most expensive. Standard: Targeted toward small and medium organizations. No size or user limits and may be used as the backend database for small Web servers or branch offices and Free for distribution. Has the fewest number of features and limits database size and users. May be used as a replacement for an Access database.