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  • Difference Between NoSQL And SQL
    Mar 25, 2016. In this article I describe the difference between NoSQL and SQL.
  • Introduction To NoSQL
    Mar 21, 2016. In this article we will learn about the concepts of NoSQL. NoSQL is the fastest growing technology in the current landscape.

About NoSQL

A NoSQL database is simply and a non-relational and largely distributed database system which enables rapid, ad-hoc organization and analysis of extremely high-volume via disparate data types. It is also used as cloud databases, non-relational databases, Big Data databases and a myriad of other terms and were developed in response to the sheer volume of data being generated, stored and analyzed by modern users. NoSQL is a class of database management systems (DBMS) which is not follow all the rules of a relational DBMS and cannot use traditional SQL to query data which is limited access. All NoSQL systems are typically used in very large databases where large volume of data is proceed which are particularly prone to performance problems caused by the limitations of SQL and the relational model of databases. It is the modern think of database of choice that scales with Web requirements. Some notable implementations of NoSQL are Facebook"s Cassandra database, Google"s BigTable and Amazon"s SimpleDB and Dynamo.