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Microsoft Launches SQL Server 2016 Release Candidate 2

Microsoft announces the third SQL Server 2016 release candidate, SQL Server 2016 Release Candidate (RC) 2.

Tahseen Jamil Apr 04, 2016

Microsoft has announced the third SQL Server 2016 release candidate, SQL Server 2016 Release Candidate (RC) 2. It is now available for download.
Microsoft states,
“Our SQL Server Release Candidates represent important milestones in the release of SQL Server 2016, as the product is now nearly feature complete, and means that a very rich set of capabilities is now available. These include real-time operational analytics, rich visualizations on mobile devices, built-in advanced analytics, new advanced security technologies and new hybrid scenarios that allow you to securely stretch data to the cloud.”
The following are the improvements included in SQL Server 2016 RC 2 as per the official blog:
  • R Services setup – the setup process for R Services is much more integrated into SQL Server setup. There is no longer a need to manually download and install Microsoft R open and R Server if the SQL Server is connected to the Internet; it becomes part of the SQL Server install sequence.
  • SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) – This release of SSMS features an update to the Visual Studio 2015 shell bringing enhancements such as the quick launch toolbar and improved theming support.
  • Mobile reports – Brand Packages will now be downloaded to the mobile report publisher from a server running RC2 and available for use in report creation. Basic mobile report content migration between servers is now supported.

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