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How To Create Forms In MS Access 2016

In this article we will learn how to create Forms in MS Access 2016.

Author Apr 26, 2016

Forms in Microsoft Access 2016 are used to display cases stored in database file, such asreports and queries. Its users can easily add, edit or display the design of your form.
You can create forms in three ways:
  • The Form tools make forms with a click of the mouse.
  • The Form Wizard creates form based on your answer.
  • The Form design and Blank Form buttons let you start with a blank form and build from the ground up.
Follow the steps to create a form in Microsoft Access 2016

Step 1- Open the Microsoft Access 2016.
ms acc
Step 2 - Now, click on create from Menu bar.
ms acc1

Step 3 -
Now, click on the form Design and form will be display.
ms acc2
Step 4 - Next, drop and drag control from Menu bar.
ms acc3
Step 5 - Display the form in View design. right click on form 1 and choose form view.
ms acc4

database form menu