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How To Create Database In Oracle12c

In this article we will learn how to create database in Oracle 12c on Windows 10 64 bits.

MOHIT TYAGI Apr 20, 2016

Follow the given below steps for creating a database in Oracle 12c.

Step 1 : To create a database, go to the start button of windows 10 and click on All apps -> Oracle-OraDB12Home -> Database Configuration Assistant.

Step 2 : You will get wizard of Data Configuration Assistant and choose the option Create Database, for creating a data base and click on Next button.
Step 3 : In Creation Mode, if we choose the option create a database with default configuration. Fill the Global Database Name and Administrative Password, this password is required at the login time and click on Next button.
Step 4 : In Database Template, choose the General Purpose or Transaction Processing option and click on Next button.
Step 5 : In Management Options, check the option of Configure Enterprise Manager(EM) Database Express option and click on Next button.
Step 6 : In Database Credentials, for security reasons, you must specify password for user account in the new database. Choose any option and click on Next button.
Step 7 : In Network configuration, check the option of Listener 12 c and click on Next Button.
Step 8 : In Storage location, choose any option for storage and click on Next button.
Step 9 : In Database options, choose any database schemas and click on Next button.
Step 10 : In Initialization Parameter, by default settings are selected, click on Next button.

Step 11 : In Creation Option, check the option of create database, click Next button.
Step 12 : In Summary, it is the over all summary of database, click on Finish button.
Step 13 : In Progress page, Installation will be in progress.
Step 14 : If you click on the Password Management, you can manage the password of SYS as SYSDBA or directly click on Exit button.
The database creation is completed.

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