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Spring 2016 release of MariaDB Enterprise Announced

MariaDB Corporation announced today the spring 2016 release of MariaDB Enterprise.

Tahseen Jamil Mar 10, 2016

MariaDB Corporation, the recognized leader in open-source database for Online Transactional Processing (OLTP), has announced today the Spring 2016 release of MariaDB Enterprise. The company’s upcoming offering addresses the most vital enterprise data management challenges. The new capacities defend data against application and network-level attacks; support faster development of high-performance applications, and at the same time deliver higher service levels at lower cost. The company also introduces MariaDB Security Audit service, which will help users to identify and cure data security weaknesses.
The company states,
“The performance and security enhancements reflect growing use of MariaDB in large, mission-critical applications in on-premise and cloud environments. The new release raises high availability to a new level with connection pooling, automatic failover, and integration of Galera multi-master cluster technology. Customers with mission-critical applications will benefit from over a dozen transaction processing performance improvements that include InnoDB storage engine optimization, memory optimization to boost query response, and numerous enhancements from WebScaleSQL created by the user community.”
The Spring release will provide users with security at every level in the database. It helps in protection against SQL Injection and refusal of service attacks, transparently encrypts data at rest in the database and also in motion to and from the application. Users can now easily reduce the risk of data breaches by storing encryption keys in their preference of independent key management systems, which will include one from Eperi and AW. It can also leverage stronger Kerberos authentication, password validation plugins, and authentication.
Michael Howard, CEO of MariaDB states,
“Our customers and user community are our inspiration, our guide, and our partners in creating database software that can harness emerging opportunities and anticipate security threats that all companies face. Proprietary solutions just can’t keep up.”
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