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Oracle Introduces AI-Powered Intelligent Bots

Oracle announced the addition of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered intelligent chatbot capabilities to its Mobile Cloud portfolio.

Kopal Chaube Dutta Oct 03, 2017

Oracle announced the addition of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered intelligent chatbot capabilities to its Mobile Cloud portfolio during Oracle OpenWorld 2017. Considering that there are an estimated 5 billion mobile phones used worldwide, Oracle hopes that enterprises will benefit by using Oracle Mobile Cloud.
The new capabilities will allow businesses to better engage with customers and employees through smart and personalized ways, across various popular messaging platforms. 
“As user behavior has dramatically shifted to mobile and messaging platforms, it is critical enterprises evolve to support stakeholders’ preferred channels,…By using Oracle Mobile Cloud, businesses will be able to continue strengthening these relationships, even as users might be moving away from engaging on websites and traditional mobile applications to messaging channels.” 
said Amit Zavery, senior vice president, product development, Oracle Cloud Platform, in a press statement.
So, what can these bots do?
These intelligent bots are powered by Oracle’s AI which is primarily comprised of ‘machine learning, cognitive and knowledge, dialog and context, and deep learning’. These bots can be developed with the low-code Bot Builder tool. This feature has been designed keeping in mind the ease of enterprise. Now it’s possible to –
  • build, design and train NLU (natural language understanding ) models, conversational dialog flows, and set up channel and enterprise data integration, all at one place.
  • test and deploy bots using an available lifecycle management capability.
  • get insights into mobile and bot adoption, usage and performance to troubleshoot and personalize engagement with the end user.
  • Oracle Mobile Cloud allows enterprises more automation at a larger scale. The interesting features of these bots are
  • It can use NLU to comprehend and determine intent of end-user conversations
  • Initiate automatic response by processing conversations and integrating each with existing business application data
  • It is compatible with Facebook Messenger, Kik, Skype, Slack, and digital voice assistants such as Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, and Google Home
  • It can ‘provide native and JavaScript SDK to extend mobile and web-based applications with chat and voice capabilities via Apple Siri, GoogleVoice or Microsoft Cortana’
Oracle is upbeat about its enterprise-grade mobile cloud services. The detailed features can be read here. However, some key features are listed below - 
  • Enterprise integration to allow customers to deliver real value to end users
  • Allows access to back-end data, user identity and transactional systems to customers
  • Provision of identification of areas of friction, funnel traffic and analyze user paths
  • Seamless side-routing to external systems with context transfer, and back to bot abilities
  • Completely integrated lifecycle management(development, testing, version control and integration with CI/CD)
  • Flexibility of choice for customers to select channels, dialog flow design, back-end integration, model selection and business logic control
  • Oracle Cloud offers access to a broad range of leading SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services at lower cost and with a lot of ease.
For more information please visit the Oracle website.

Kopal Chaube Dutta
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