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MongoDB Upgrades Stich, Its New Backend-as-a-Service

MongoDB has recently upgraded its Backend as a Service version, MangoDB Stitch.

Kopal Chaube Dutta Sep 12, 2017

MongoDB recently announced its new version - MongoDB Stitch - which is a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) that provides an HTTP API to MongoDB, integration with other services, and a declarative rules infrastructure which spans database and service actions.
Now, MongoDB Stitch is updated with more functionality and features that would keep it ahead of its competitors. The new features introduced include improved "joins" in the aggregation framework, better document validation using JSON schema, and better preparedness in the event of network failures.
These improvements aim to make MongoDB more functional and comparable to traditional relational databases and application servers or desktop programs.
A quick look at the features of the revised version:
  • MongoDB Charts provides a capability for creating charts and dashboards within a web interface working directly on a MongoDB instance. Now you can do this directly from MongoDB data instead of tools like Tableau to generate charts as was the case in the previous version. So now, a SQL interface to retrieve the data is no longer required.

  • MongoDB Stitch allows for integration with other web services thereby allowing it to navigate firewalls which block MongoDB default ports.

  • It can now be linked to messages, emails and online repositories like GitHub and other such back-end services. Whenever a user is connecting with any of these services Stitch can authenticate using OAuth methods, and back-end rules define what data access privileges are granted to various categories of users.

  • It is understood that Stitch can make it easier to build applications that want to integrate MongoDB with other web services, particularly mobile applications created for simple data operations.

  • Guy Harrison writes that commercially Stitch is useful for MongoDB because the Applications written using Stitch are trendier than those written directly against MongoDB. In today’s time, it is important that a user chooses to keep your product as against its competitor. Stitch gives MongoDB that edge. Microsoft recently announced support for the MongoDB wire protocol for its DocumentDB (now Cosmos) database.

  • Although MongoDB is an open source database, Stitch is a cloud native product so it encourages MongoDB users to migrate to the subscription based Atlas cloud. This could be a good news for the company’s revenues
MongoDB has its various editions compatible with a variety of programming languages and frameworks like- Mongo Shell Edition, Node.JS Edition, Python Edition, C++ Edition, Java Edition, C# Edition, Ruby Edition- and with developer centric approach, it aims to make it big!

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