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MongoDB Atlas Announced To Run MongoDB In The Cloud

MongoDB has announced Atlas, an effective and cost effective way to run MongoDB in the Cloud.

Amit Diwan Jun 28, 2016

MongoDB has announced Atlas, a cost effective way and robust way to run MongoDB in the Cloud. Atlas is launched as database as a service to make running the open source database easily whether you run a single replica set, or a sharded cluster hosting a hundred terabytes.
Here are some of its features,
Atlas is simple to use, no tiresome task. No servers to set up, no backups, not to waste time for looking to make it secure, or vulnerabilities. If a fix is required, then their 24/7 response team will come to rescue. Adding more storage is not difficult either.
Elastic Pricing
Eliot Horowitz Eliot is CTO and Co-Founder of MongoDB stated via blog post,
"One of the nice features of cloud products in general is elastic pricing, and we wanted to provide the same convenience for our database as a service. With Atlas you pay for exactly what you use, and we bill your credit card on a monthly basis. You can spin up a cluster for a few hours to kick the tires for just a few dollars, and run your largest, most mission-critical workloads with confidence and predictable pricing."
MongoDB Atlas is also robust, since it is built upon the components of MongoDB current cloud offerings, which you can trust, since it is managing clusters for years.
MongoDB Atlas is available for production on AWS from today. It will launched in future with MongoDB strategic partners, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform in the future.