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Microsoft Azure DocumentDB .NET SDK 1.9.1 Released

Microsoft releases DocumentDB .NET SDK 1.9.1.

Admin Jul 21, 2016

Microsoft releases DocumentDB .NET SDK 1.9.1. This comes with added support for ‘SELECT VALUE’ for parallel queries, cross – partition ‘TOP’ queries and cross-partition ‘ORDER BY’ queries. It also comes with better and improved performance of cross-partition 'TOP' and 'ORDER BY' queries.
Microsoft have gone on to update an error message in this version, so as to clarify what if you go on to receive an unhandled System, which is not supported by exception while you are running the queries against the partitioned collection, uncheck the ‘Prefer 32-bit’ option in your project properties windows and on the Build tab, so as to avoid the error.
The company has also gone ahead and fixed the missing references to DocumentDB.Spatial.Sql.dll along with Microsoft.Azure.Documents.ServiceInterop.dll which is required while referencing to DocumentDB project with reference to DocumentDB Nuget package.
Another area which has been fixed is the ability to use parameters of different types, while working on user defined functions in LINQ.
Microsoft Azure DocumentDB .NET SDK 1.9.1, can now be easily downloaded. To download, click here.


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