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Rubrik Announces r528 To Deliver Complete Data Protection And Encryption

Rubrik announced the r528, the industry’s first security-enhanced converged data management appliance

Tahseen Jamil Apr 27, 2016

Recently, Rubrik announced the r528, the industry’s first security-enhanced converged data management appliance. It encrypts the data both in flight as well as inthe rest of the servers so that it prevents unauthorized access when it is being sent across networks.
The r528 appliance is FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified appliance (which makes it ready for federal, state, and local government, along with the financial, legal, and healthcare sectors). It comes equipped with the self-encrypting HDDs and SSDs, flexible key management as well as physical tamper security.
The company states,
“Self encrypting drives aren’t overrated. They offer a level of confidence that the hardware housing the data is secure without any interference from external software. The customer has no additional setup for the SED, and they provide the extra security without any performance degradation. Because the data is protected by an encryption module, it’s also easier to delete the data on the drive if needed. Rather than overriding or reformatting the entire drive, one must simply destroy this key to achieve the same result.”
The users can now easily manage their own passwords and key, with the help of dual key management. Users sometimes have their own key management solutions which they want to continue using with the backup devices. For such users, Rubrik now supports the industry standard Key Management Interface Protocol (KMIP 1.0). Rubrik offers the Trusted Platform Module (TPM).
The company states,
“In true Rubrik form, it is simple, easy and just works. There is nothing to install or setup – every r528 appliance ships with it, and it’s up to our customers to use it or not”
The company concluded by saying,
“As a Rubrik customer, you already have the advantage of converged data management – you’ve increased the manageability and efficiency of your backup and recovery systems. You have hopefully reduced the number of pieces of hardware and software it takes to backup, compress, restore, search and archive your information. Now you’re doing it even more securely. Don’t back up. Go forward.”

Tahseen Jamil
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