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Microsoft Announces SQL Server Management Studio – February 2016 Release

Microsoft has announced the latest preview of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

Tahseen Jamil Mar 09, 2016

Microsoft has announced the latest preview of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). This release brings with it all updates included in the January release. It also features improved support for high contrast settings in SSMS activity monitor, several user interface improvements and also bug fixes in the Always Encrypted dialogs. The version number for the latest preview is 13.0.12000.65.
As per the official blog, the following features are new in this release:
  • Improvement in Activity monitor to display text options when high contrast settings are enabled in SSMS.
  • Improvement in the Always Encrypted wizard dialog to display a warning if the collation for a column will be changed during the encryption process.
  • mprovement in SSMS policy management to add support for creating conditions on Column Encryption Keys, Column Encryption Key Values, and Column Master Keys. This enables easier management of these database objects by allowing you to group policies governing their creation and use.
  • Bug fix to improve usability of Always Encrypted master key cleanup dialog and Always Encrypted error messages.
  • Bug fix to disable Always Encrypted column master key rotation if only one key exists.
  • Bug fix in Always Encrypted wizard to fix ‘type initializer’ error that occurs if the dialog is launched using SSMS CTP3.3 release. 
To gain information about known issues, check here.

Tahseen Jamil
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