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Lenovo Introduces StorSelect Program

Lenovo is intensifying the market with the rollout of new storage offerings called StorSelect Program, which include networking capabilities, servers and hyper-converged appliances.

Amit Diwan Jun 08, 2016

For the $87 billion data center technology market, Lenovo is intensifying the market with the rollout of new storage offerings, networking capabilities, Servers and hyper-converged appliances.
New products are part of Lenovo's aim to "redefine the data center inside and out", as per Tom Shell, SVP of Lenovo's Data Center Product Group.
As far storage is concerned, Lenovo is planning to launch a new software-defined appliance program dubbed StorSelect, which will be an open ecosystem and conversations are going on with ISV vendors to pair their SDS software with Lenovo hardware.
V-Series family of 12Gb SANs will be revealed. With the premium features such as encryption and virtualization, new V3700 V2 and V5030 appliances are to be introduced shortly.
Lenovo is launching a new cloud network operating system, dubbed the Lenovo Cloud NOS, as far as the networking front is concerned. In its expansion mode, Lenovo will offer Juniper's EX2200 Gigabit Power over Ethernet (PoE) and EX4550 10GbaseT switches and QFX10002-72Q data center spline aggregation system.
To cover a broader range of workloads and deployment cost requirements, Lenovo expanded its portfolio of HX Series hyperconverged appliances, based on software from Nutanix.