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Google Announces A New faster API For Its NoSQL database

Google has announced a new faster API for its NoSQL database for web as well as mobile apps

Tahseen Jamil Apr 07, 2016

Google has announced a new faster API for its NoSQL database for web as well as mobile apps. The company designed the underlying architecture which supports the cross-platform API in order to access Datastore outside of Google App Engine.
Google states,
“Today we’re announcing another important update to our NoSQL database, Google Cloud Datastore. We’ve redesigned the underlying architecture that supports the cross-platform API for accessing Datastore outside of Google App Engine, such as from Google Container Engine and Google Compute Engine, dramatically improving performance and reliability of the database. This follows new and simpler pricing for Cloud Datastore, announced last week.”
The new Cloud Datastore API is now available as a beta release for Google’s cloud customers and it is designed to improve the reliability as well as the performance of the database for those accessing Google’s Container Engine Compute Engine and other platforms, Dan McGrath, Google's cloud platform product manager, declared.
Google has also released details of the service – level agreement (SLA) which will take effect when the new API becomes generally available, but we yet do not know when this would happen as the company has not made any announcement regarding this. The SLAs for the new API cover both the company’s Cloud Datastore Datastore multi-region service along with Cloud Datastore regional service.
The company states,
“Today we’re publishing a SLA for the General Availability release. Accessing Google Cloud Datastore via the Beta API is not covered by an SLA, although the SLA we’re publishing can help you estimate the expected performance of the Beta API. The SLA will only take effect when we reach General Availability.”
For more information, check the official blog.

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