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New Features Of MySQL 5.7

MySQL 5.7 is the latest release of the most popular open source database. Here is a list of new and improved features in this release.

Staff Reporter Mar 03, 2016

MySQL powers some of the most trafficked websites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Uber, and
MySQL is the world’s most popular open database system. MySQL recently announced the latest release of its database, MySQL 5.7. According to the MySQL documentation, this release is supposed to the best version of the database. Not only it is the faster database but also provides a new, advanced feature set designed to enable those who are building the next generation of web-based and embedded applications and services.
Some of the key features and enhancements includes the following: 
  • JSON Support using a native binary format for efficient processing & storage
  • Multi-source Replication enabling a replication slave to receive transactions from multiple sources simultaneously
  • Optimizer Cost Model resulting in better query performance
  • Query Rewrite Plugin to specify how certain queries that arrive at the server should be rewritten
  • Sys Schema providing easy to understand views with insights into MySQL health
  • GIS Spatial Extensions for mobile applications and location based services
  • InnoDB Transparent Page Level Compression with support for Zlib and LZ4
  • InnoDB Native Partitioning reducing memory requirements by up to 90%
  • 3x faster with read-only performance of 1.6 million queries/second on Linux
  • InnoDB Native Full Text Search with better performance and support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
  • Performance Schema with better instrumentation and lower overhead
  • Security through safer initialization, enhanced data encryption, better password handling and more
  • Replication enhancements including GTIDs, semi-synchronous replication, performance schema tables, and dynamic replication filters

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MySQL 5.7 New MySQL Features