Create Hyperlink in MS Access 2010

Posted by Sapna Articles | Microsoft Access October 12, 2010
Here you will know about how to create hyperlink in MS Access 2010.
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Sometimes we have to create links in database table to web pages, files, folders, images, etc. Access 2010 provides a convenient way to link up data field values with anything to complement the database in much better way.

In this article, follow these steps to learn how to create a table field having Hyperlink data type.

Step1:   Open a blank database, create a new table and select design view to add fields with specific data types.

Step2:   Save the table and start adding fields. We will be entering some generic table fields with their data types such as, ID, Name, Phone Number, Email and other Links.

Step3:   Select Email table field and under data type options, select Hyperlink.


Step4:   Now close the Design view and save the changes made. Open the database table in datasheet view. Start filling out table fields with values. In Hyperlink assigned data fields, you will notice that on entering values it will automatically turns them into blue, indicating linked data.

Step5:   Now in the Email field, highlight the email address and right-click to select Edit Hyperlink.


Step6:   It will open Edit Hyperlink dialog box. Under E-mail address box, enter the email address, and from Subject box, write the subject of the mail. Click ok.


Step7:   Upon clicking on hyperlink, it will immediately open Outlook mail compose window, with specified email address and subject inserted.



I hope this will help you to understand how to create Hyperlink in MS Access 2010.

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