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Introduction To MySQL

In this article you will learn how to install and work on MySQL with phpMyAdmin. MySQL is the most well-known Open Source Relational SQL database administration framework.

Akhilesh Kumar Mar 25, 2016

MySQL is the most well-known Open Source Relational SQL database administration framework. MySQL is one of the best RDBMS being utilized for creating online programming applications. MySQL is as of now the most famous open source database server in existence.

On top of that, it is ordinarily utilized as a part of conjunction with PHP scripts to make capable and dynamic server-side applications. MySQL is a capable database. It's great and for nothing out of pocket. Numerous designers on the planet choose MySQL and PHP for building up their site.

phpMyAdmin Dashboard with SQL Query Editor



A database is a different application that stores a gathering of information. Every database has one or more particular APIs for making, getting to, overseeing, seeking and recreating the information it holds. So these days, we utilize relational database administration frameworks (RDBMS) to store and oversee enormous volume of information. This is called relational database since all the information is put away into various tables and relations are set up utilizing essential keys or different keys known as foreign keys.

Database View Details


RDBMS is a development application that
  • Fit you to instrument a database with tables, columns and indexes.
  • Warranty the Referential Integrity between rows of various tables.
  • Updates the indexes directly.
  • Decode an SQL query and modulates information from multiple tables.

RDBMS Glossary

Prior to this we take action to define MySQL database system, let's repeat a few definitions concerned to database.
  • Table - A table is a gangue with data. A table in a database just like a easy spreadsheet.

  • Column - One column implant data of one and the common kind.

  • Row - A row is a set of concerned data.

  • Index - An index is a small table having only two columns.

  • Database - A database is a set of tables, with concerned data.

  • Foreign Key - A foreign key is the connection between two tables.

  • Primary Key - A primary key is either an existing table column or a column that is specifically generated by the database according to a defined sequence.

  • Compound Key - A compound key (composite key) is a key that comprises of various segments, since one segment is not adequately remarkable.

Installing Xampp on Windows

To install XAMPP you just need to click on download, now to begin working with mysql write http://localhost/phpmyadmin/  on your web browser.


Here's a free e-book on MySQL: MySQL Tutorial

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