How to Install and Configure Cassandra Database

Posted by Amit Singh Articles | Cassandra October 01, 2013
In this article you will learn how to Install and Configure Cassandra Database.
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Cassandra is a open source Database which is used in famous website like as Facebook etc. If you need to learn more about Cassandra, you can refer its official website: More About Cassandra.

If you want download Cassandra Database Click the link Download Cassandra.

Step 1: After the download Cassandra you will Extract zip folder of Apache Cassandra.

Step 2: Open the bin folder from Apache Cassandra and run the Cassandra.bat file.

Step 3: In your Screen show like as


Step 4: Open the bin folder and run Cassandra-cli.bat.

Step 5: Second Command prompt are open just like as


Step 6: Run the Help Command. This Command not run properly its means your Cassandra is not correctly Configuration.

Step 7: Close all command prompt.

Step 8: Cassandra is written in java so you first set the java Environment variable.

  • First open the computer property and click the Advance Setting.
  • Second click the Environment variable and click the new button.
  • First variable name JAVA_HOME and the value is C:\Program Files\Java\jre7 and Click ok.
  • Second Variable name CLASSPATH and the value is %JAVA_HOME%\jre\lib and Click ok.
  • Third Variable name also in name is PATH click Edit Button and edit the value is ;%JAVA_HOME%\bin and Click ok.
  • Forth Variable name CASSANDRA_HOME and the value is given till now Cassandra folder not include bin. 

Step 9: Open the bin Folder from Cassandra create three folder just name data, commitlog and savedcaches.

Step 10: Open the 'conf' folder from Cassandra open the Cassandra.ympl file in your any text editor.

Step 11; In this file set the values look like this.

  • # directories where Cassandra should store data on disk.



  • # commit log

commitlog_directory: c:\download\apache-cassandra\commitlog

  • # saved caches

saved_caches_directory: c:\download\apache-cassandra\savedcaches

  • Save the file.

Note:  Your given path in this file correct where you create this type name folder.

Step 12: Open the command prompt, point to c:\download\apache-cassandra\bin and run "cassandra.bat install" command.


This will give the write message but did not install properly.

Step 13; Create a folder daemon name on the path "c:\download\apache-cassandra\bin".

Step 14: Download prunsrv.exe from the this link Download Prunsrv.exe.

Step 15: Extract the correct version of prunsrv.exe from the correct path "c:\download\apache-cassandra\bin".

Step 16: Now again Open command prompt, point to c:\download\apache-cassandra\bin and run "cassandra.bat install" command.


Step 17: Now run cassandra command in your command prompt which open before time its look like as after run cassandra command it look like as.


Your cassandra is prepare to given services.

Step 18: Open another Command prompt and run Cassandra-cli.bat command its look like as.

Run the help command


Your Cassandra database prepare for working.  

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