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What is Apex 4.2 in Oracle 11g..?
Posted on: 22 Feb 2011
Does anybody tell me somthing about Apex 4.2 feature of Oracle 11g.

Thank you 

Manish Tewatia
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Re: What is Apex 4.2 in Oracle 11g..?
Posted on: 01 Apr 2011   Accepted Answer

Hi Thomas,

Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX, previously named Oracle HTML DB) is a software development environment based on the Oracle database. It allows a fast development cycle to be achieved to create web based applications. It can be used for departmental-style applications with a dozen users, but can also scale up to handle thousands of users. The framework itself adds as little as 0.04 second of overhead to each page request;[2] how well an application scales is primarily based on the efficiency of the SQL queries used by the application developer.Read More..




Re: What is Apex 4.2 in Oracle 11g..?
Posted on: 28 Feb 2011  
In a nutshell, Apex is a web development and run time tool that is hosted inside the Oracle Database. It allows you to quickly develop and run web applications and is targeted at small to medium applications. The product targets the area of Excel spreadsheets and MS Access databases. The advantage Apex has is that it runs inside the Oracle database and data is easy to share and more secure. You can even have your own custom authentication models.

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