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Accessing data using Language Integrated Query (LINQ) Accessing the XML Document Add child element in XML Add method Add update delete AddAfterSelf method Adding the element AncestorsAndSelf Axis methods Cast Concurrency in LINQ to SQL Conversion conversion operators Create an Xml Document data binding LINQ database articles database tutorials databinding in LINQ Deferred Query Deferred Query Execution in LINQ Delegate Element Operator Elements before the Particular Node Elements(XName) Executing Stored Procedure using LINQ Expression Tree Extension methods First FirstOrDefault Operator in LINQ Generation operator Generation operators how to use LastOrDefault operator in LINQ how to use Let keyword in LINQ how to use orderby operator in LINQ how to use Repeat operator in LINQ Immediate query execution InDocumentOrder method insert the node before specific node insert the node in XML document Intersect IsBefore method IsBefore method in LINQ to XML Joining operators in LINQ keyword in LINQ Lambda Expression Last and Except operator in LINQ LastOrDefault Operator in LINQ Let keyword in LINQ LINQ Article LINQ articles LINQ DefaultIfEmpty operator LINQ Element operators LINQ Extension methods LINQ FirstOrDefault LINQ keyword LINQ Last and Except operator LINQ LastOrDefault LINQ Let keyword LINQ Min and Max operator LINQ OrderBy Operator LINQ ordering operators LINQ set operators LINQ TakeWhile and SkipWhileOperator LINQ ThenBy LINQ to Objects LINQ to SQL LinQ to SQL example LinQ to SQL select operator LINQ to XML LINQ to XML:Creating a XML document LINQ Tutorial LINQ tutorials List Min and Max operator in LINQ Northwind database Obtaining Elements Without Reaching OfType Operator Operator in LINQ OrderBy Operator in LINQ PLINQ Introduction PLINQ Tutorial projection operator Query Execution in LINQ Range Returning the siblings SelectMany statement SequenceEqual operator SequenceEqual operator in LINQ Single operator SingleOrDefault operator ThenByDescending Use Lambda Expression to declare a Delegate Using XmlWriter for writing a node XDeclaration XDeclaration and properties XElement XML document Xml document declaration XPath XPath for querying the document